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Programable Digital Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer – LCD Display & Long Probe

$ 39.99

Take the guesswork out of cooking meat on your BBQ with our accurate and convenient Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer with Long Stainless Steel Probe and LCD Display.

Our Wireless Thermometer is so easy to use! You will serve perfectly cooked meat to all of your guests every single time.

  • SUPER FAST & ACCURATE - You will get an accurate temperature readout within seconds on the wireless LCD display.
  • PROGRAMMABLE PRESETS - Select the type of meat (beef, lamb, veal, hamburger/meatballs, pork, turkey, chicken or fish) and the desired cook (5 levels from bloody to well done) to ensure perfectly cooked meat.
  • WIRELESS FUNCTIONALITY - No need to stand by your BBQ at all times! Take the external wireless LCD display with you to the table so you can entertain guests while keeping an eye on your meat's progress. It even works up to 100 feet away!
  • BUILT-IN ALARM - When your food reaches the desired internal temperature based on your meat and cook level inputs, an alarm will go off notifying you that your meal is ready to be served.

Required: x4 AAA Batteries (not included)

Shipping: please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive this product.

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